Twelve exhibition

Twelve exhibition

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  • Wed 06 June 18: New poster in support of Le Quartier des Lentillères. That's a squatted piece of land in Dijon, France where people grow crops and leave peacefully. Unfortunately, the local government wants to build and develop an eco / green neighborhood there (sic) and wants to evict them... Any support is more than welcome. Thumbnail #118 in posters.
  • Wed 16 May 18: Still lazy on updates so here's another massive one with thumbnails #107, #108, #109 and #110 in artwork as well as #115, #116 and #117 in posters. There's a few screenprinted posters left (pics below) for sale / benefit for Black Screen / La Luttine / 1234! (The Estranged / Sect Mark / Faux Départ / Tentáculo / Bleakness) as well as about 15 copies of my newest print (Uranium Rush). Last but not least, a huge thanks to Sororae for hosting their linoprint workshop at L'Atelier des Canulars based on tarot cards, ideas and witchcraft of course! Sweet experience!
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    Uranium Rush [29,7 x 42 cm / 4 colors / 160g paper] - 10 euros

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    Spring Break Mini Fest [50 x 65 cm / 4 colors / 250g paper] - Donation


  • Sat 03 March 18: Been a bit lazy with updating these days... 2 recent posters i made: thumbnails #105 & #106 in artwork. I screeprinted a few copies of #105 that are for sale (10 euros + shipping). A3 format / 4 color print / 160g white paper. Maybe I'll give it a try with #106, to be continued... The last 2 months have also been a good time for getting a deep deeper into woodcutting / blockprinting. Not an easy thing but super exciting! More later!
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    [29,7 x 42 / 4 colors / 160g paper] - 10 euros


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    IRA Exhibition

    IRA Exhibition

    IRA Exhibition

    IRA Exhibition

    Flyers by Hiroyuki Iwami / Pinprick Punishment.

    IRA Exhibition

    Photos by Kazuki Takahashi / Pinprick Punishment.

    IRA Exhibition

    Incredible vegan Cervelle de Canut among other sweet things by Yoyo / Vege Shokudo!

    IRA Exhibition

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